Summertime Siesta

Cynthia was napping on the (former) BBQ grill. It has been re-purposed as a cat bed and cat food dish holder, very much to Cynthia’s liking.


Nikon D5100 f/11 ISO 400 1/250 s – Summer 2012

She knew I was there and was purring softly and kneading with her paws to let me know she loves us. But she was just too sleepy to get up and greet me properly 🙂


The cats like to go out with me to take photographs, but they are ever watchful.


Nikon D5100 f/5.6 ISO 400 1/125s Nikkor 55-300@240mm – Pet Portrait, July 2012

Apparently, they are cognizant of the danger of becoming lunch for a coyote! This photo of Tiger as a watchful, intensely focused cat contrasts strongly with his usual  totally laid back, flopped on his back, rag doll cat demeanor when in the house.

It’s a Standoff!

Tiger stares at Zookie. Is he daring her to just try and chase him? Or is he measuring the distance between them, estimating her rate of speed, and calculating how long it will take him to get to a tree? Actually, they get along great, and Zookie only chases Tiger if he runs. And he rarely runs.


On the Left, Zookie. To the Right, Tiger. Autumn - 2010