Open Air Bathing

Can you just feel it?  Cool, crisp air, early morning sunlight warming your whiskers…


Nikon D5100 f/4.8 ISO 400 1/350 sec 55-300@120 mm – Autumn 2012

What better time and place for your morning bath?

2 comments on “Open Air Bathing

  1. A beautiful black panther =^.^=


    • Kyle says:

      Yes, I often think we should have named him Panther. But my son had two kittens and named them, together, Tiger Lily. Tiger turned out to be a boy, but when it turned out that Lily was also a boy, he underwent a name change to Lynx. So our Lynx has no ear tufts and is a sleek, smooth panther-look-alike. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your comment 🙂


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