“What have we here?”

Ricochet, making the model feel safe!

Ricochet, making the model feel safe!

It is the season for turtles to cross the road. This one is so tiny it looked like a mud clod or piece of gravel – except that it was shaped like a turtle! I helped it across the road, then lay down in the gravel to take its photo. Ricochet is a very helpful dog, so here he is offering to pick it up for me…

Clear the Way!

Buttercup precedes the trail runners. She needs to be out in front.


Nikon D5100 f/8 ISO 400 1/250 sec 55-300@86 mm – Autumn 2012

This is usually fine, unless she somehow winds up behind. Since she usually carries a stick, when she attempts to pass the runners, she causes some loud yelling and flat-out-running attempts to evade her scratching stick! Some of the runners find this much more amusing than others 😉