“What have we here?”

Ricochet, making the model feel safe!

Ricochet, making the model feel safe!

It is the season for turtles to cross the road. This one is so tiny it looked like a mud clod or piece of gravel – except that it was shaped like a turtle! I helped it across the road, then lay down in the gravel to take its photo. Ricochet is a very helpful dog, so here he is offering to pick it up for me…

Don’t move

Insects often become aware of the photographer’s attention and either freeze or leave. This brightly colored little one froze, affording me the opportunity to take several shots.


Rarely does one threaten or attack. I don’t know why some people go into a panicked, jumping frenzy when they spot an insect less than a hundredth their size!  With just a little quiet observation, a person can learn much.