Dragonfly, the Third Iteration

Yet another flashback photo, again of a dragonfly. I think this is my favorite dragonfly photo! He is nearly camouflaged, but so sharp and clear. You can tell it was early morning, before the dew burned off, which may be why he was not as busily flitting around on dragonfly business as they usually are.

Green Dragonfly - Flashback to Summer 2011

Greeting the Sun

Even the weeds gone to seed love the sun and celebrate its appearance.

At last the sun is rising early enough for me to be able to catch it before work!

It’s a tough couple of months in late autumn and early winter, with the sun rising above the horizon so late that we have to go to work before seeing its golden glow spread out across the landscape. Finally, in late January, the sun is coming up over the hill to our southeast right around 7:50 in the morning. Now that is a reason to celebrate!

Pond on a Cold Morning

Don’t you just love these ice crystals growing between logs in the pond? Crystals are endlessly fascinating, whether these common but evanescent* ice crystals or the incredibly huge, unimaginably ancient gypsum crystals in the Mexican Cueva de los Cristales: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/04/photogalleries/giant-crystals-cave/ *Evanescent – Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing. Oh, how I love finding the perfect word, one that expresses exactly what I wanted to say as economically as possible! 🙂

Pond Crystals

Hmm, ice crystals grow relatively quickly at temperatures of around 32 degrees F, while the gypsum crystals formed incredibly slowly (over millennia) at around 136 degrees F.

Getting Ready to Transport Grass

The horses eat grass. Lots of grass. Since we are in the midst of a drought and the horses have long since eaten all the grass we had available on the part of our 40 acres dedicated to pasture, that means we must purchase grass and transport it back to the horses. I sure am glad someone cut it, dried it, and rolled it up into these big, relatively easy to handle bales!

Large, Round Hay Bale

Do you think he could have ridden home balanced up here?

Bridger leapt up on top of this five foot diameter roll of grass as soon as it was loaded on our trailer. How could he have resisted?