Tiger is a very companionable cat, accompanying me on many a photo shoot no matter the weather. He claims to be the true photographer’s assistant, not Buttercup.

Tiger - 2011

Tiger is sure you have noticed that he is also infinitely more photogenic than a mere brindle dog, although he acknowledges that it is occasionally necessary to shoot her, too, if only to assure her protection from coyotes and other dangers. He does consider Buttercup a friend. A useful, large friend. Just not quite as good a photographer’s model as a green-eyed tiger cat.

Another Thorny Beauty

This thistle plant has attracted my attention all year long, since early spring. I have been fascinated by the textures and shapes… But I have to admit I do not want lots of little, new thistles to spring up all around it next spring!

January Thorns, or The Thistle at the Pond