Tiger is a very companionable cat, accompanying me on many a photo shoot no matter the weather. He claims to be the true photographer’s assistant, not Buttercup.

Tiger - 2011

Tiger is sure you have noticed that he is also infinitely more photogenic than a mere brindle dog, although he acknowledges that it is occasionally necessary to shoot her, too, if only to assure her protection from coyotes and other dangers. He does consider Buttercup a friend. A useful, large friend. Just not quite as good a photographer’s model as a green-eyed tiger cat.

4 comments on ““Yes?”

  1. Mark says:

    What a beautiful cat! What breed is he?


    • Kyle says:

      Mark, Tiger’s mother, Luna, is a tortoise shell half-Maine Coon. His Daddy is unknown due to the fact that his mother sneaked out and met him in secret… He does have a brother, Lynx, who is a deep, rich black with those same green eyes. Lynx weighs about 2 pounds more than Tiger. Luna’s Daddy was an even bigger black cat with the plushest fur I have ever felt on a cat. Both Lynx and Tiger accompany me on walks and photo shoots all over our forty acres, although Lynx is somewhat more timid than Tiger and will turn back more readily. Short summary answer: Tiger is a Domestic Shorthair 🙂


      • Mark says:

        Thanks, I’d love to have a cat like that. Great blog, by the way – love what you do with sunlight!


      • Kyle says:

        Thank you, Mark. Sunlight is usually what draws me out with my camera :o)
        And if you are allowed to have a cat, there is probably one like Tiger available at the local shelter…


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