Moment of Rest

In the perpetual busy-ness that seems to constitute the life of a dragonfly, this moment of repose must feel especially restful.


Nikon D5100 f/13 ISO 400 1/350sec 300mm – Summer 2012

Recently I was watching a large dragonfly when I heard an especially loud buzzing noise. Right there in front of me was a hummingbird (not much bigger than the dragonfly I had been focusing on)! He studied me for a moment, then perched on a branch overhead. I was too slow moving the camera into position. Apparently the hummingbird is just as busy as your average dragonfly, and away he buzzed, lost to sight in a second.

Dragonfly, the Third Iteration

Yet another flashback photo, again of a dragonfly. I think this is my favorite dragonfly photo! He is nearly camouflaged, but so sharp and clear. You can tell it was early morning, before the dew burned off, which may be why he was not as busily flitting around on dragonfly business as they usually are.

Green Dragonfly - Flashback to Summer 2011