Sequined World

Glittery, shiny, glinting. Rhinestones and sequins? No, the world is gleaming with millions of frosty crystals!

Only the early riser enjoys this glowing treasure, as the warmth of the sun’s rays almost instantly converts all those crystals to shimmering water droplets, then evaporates them.
Do today’s fashion designers realize how closely they follow the fashions of nature?

Beaded Grass

Fashion and nature: beaded and fringed dress, spiraling around the body.
It was actually this morning, when attempting to photograph frost crystals, that I started to think about nature and fashion. I will post one of this morning’s photos later, I hope, after my battery has recharged (and my camera’s battery, lol) and I have examined the photos.

Still, turn this upside down and I can imagine a flapper’s dress, can’t you?


Afternoon flashback: It is summer. The fields are alive with chirping and any move through the grass scares up hundreds of grasshoppers. Or are they crickets? Or katydids?The photo here is of a katydid. I love its long, graceful antennae, and that’s how we can tell it is not a grasshopper, despite the fact that it lives in the grass and hops wildly when disturbed.


Katydid - Summer 2011

The chickens don’t care whether the hoppers are crickets, grasshoppers or katydids, they just love chasing them across the lawn and into the pastures. The best part for them is catching and eating these apparently delicious insects!

Getting Ready to Transport Grass

The horses eat grass. Lots of grass. Since we are in the midst of a drought and the horses have long since eaten all the grass we had available on the part of our 40 acres dedicated to pasture, that means we must purchase grass and transport it back to the horses. I sure am glad someone cut it, dried it, and rolled it up into these big, relatively easy to handle bales!

Large, Round Hay Bale

Do you think he could have ridden home balanced up here?

Bridger leapt up on top of this five foot diameter roll of grass as soon as it was loaded on our trailer. How could he have resisted?