Crossing the Line

One must stay at the edge when photographing morning frost. There is a moving line.


Crossing the Line - February 2012

On one side of the line the frost crystals are pristine, sharp and clear. But they have no sparkle. On the other side of the line, they sparkle, flare… and melt.

Icy Daggers

Well, miniature daggers – pointy, sharp, and gleaming.

It is so amazing that these crystalline structures form overnight! They transform the world; as the sun rises it strikes sparks from each individual crystal so that the entire outdoors glitters and glows, magically transformed. Then that very sunlight that sparks the transformation melts it all back to common, everyday water.

Sequined World

Glittery, shiny, glinting. Rhinestones and sequins? No, the world is gleaming with millions of frosty crystals!

Only the early riser enjoys this glowing treasure, as the warmth of the sun’s rays almost instantly converts all those crystals to shimmering water droplets, then evaporates them.
Do today’s fashion designers realize how closely they follow the fashions of nature?

Frost Flower!

I always mentally referred to these icy extrusions as frost flowers, but had never read anything about them.


aka Crystallofolia

Inspired by my friend Travis’ success just Googling the word or phrase that comes to mind, I tried typing frost flower in the search field… Guess what?  These structures are commonly referred to as –  frost flowers! They also have a scientific name, apparently: Crystallofolia. This website was particularly detailed: