Beaded Grass

Fashion and nature: beaded and fringed dress, spiraling around the body.
It was actually this morning, when attempting to photograph frost crystals, that I started to think about nature and fashion. I will post one of this morning’s photos later, I hope, after my battery has recharged (and my camera’s battery, lol) and I have examined the photos.

Still, turn this upside down and I can imagine a flapper’s dress, can’t you?

4 comments on “Beaded Grass

  1. James Dunn says:

    great photo and i really see what you mean


    • Kyle says:

      James, thanks! I used to find it incredibly difficult to get the grass in focus, but always find myself drawn to the various forms it displays 🙂 Actually, it is still sometimes hard to get the focus sharp on the grass and as soft as I want on the background. ~Kyle


  2. Well done Kyle; this is an amazing shot!


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