Just the Tip of the… Fungal Mass?


ISO 400 55mm f22 1/90sec - Even Mushrooms Reach for the Sun - Spring 2012

The mushroom is just the part we see. Underneath, in the ground, or in this case in the log, is the mycelium. Think of it as resembling the roots of a plant. When two mycelia join together, that is when their love-child sprouts up. These mushrooms seem to be reaching for the sun just like a flower, and they are similar to a flower in that they will create spores (like seeds) that produce the next generation.

So this is my little woodland bouquet – isn’t it elegant? 🙂

New Fuzzy White Buds


Soft and New - Spring 2012

Can you stand another spring-themed post?  Well, in my defense, it is spring! And I love spring, love the newness and the regrowth of things that seemed hopeless just a few months ago 🙂

In this shot, I also was quite taken with the hexagons of light in the background, caused by refraction through the dewdrops..