Some Itches Just Gotta Be Scratched!

Does she have an itchy foot?


Itchy Foot? - Summer 2010

This was another insect Bridger spotted. He ran in, “Mom! I think you will want to take a photo of this praying mantis out here!” I grabbed my camera and hurried after him.

When I got there and started shooting, this praying mantis turned out to be a natural model, striking several interesting poses in quick succession. This was my favorite, though, chewing on her foot, because it made me think of my dogs and horses 🙂

This was when I was new enough to my camera that I was having a hard time with some focus and depth of field issues, but you can see most of her pretty well.

3 comments on “Some Itches Just Gotta Be Scratched!

  1. looks like it’s smiling back at us. 🙂


    • Kyle says:

      It does look kind of smiley, doesn’t it? Thanks for looking at my photos 🙂 ~Kyle


      • I am fond of looking on pictures taken by the different people that came from different places in the world. The photos we took reflects our personality, passion and interests. And it’s like I’m travelling to your place too. 😀


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