Grass & Wee Bug

Zooming in on the gold, sunset-lit filaments of this grass seed head, I saw an anomaly.


Wee, Small Fellow Hiding in the Seeds - Summer 2011

A fat filament? No, it moved. Although it was well camouflaged, it definitely had legs and eyes. I don’t know what it is, but several of the same variety of grass sported similar denizens. Do you know what it is?

2 comments on “Grass & Wee Bug

  1. dianne - life as i see it says:

    no i don’t, but sure is a wonderful image


    • Kyle says:

      Thank you Dianne. It may be an Oklahoma bug, or at least a southern/southwestern US bug. I do not recall anything like it in central New York State, where I grew up. ~Kyle


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