If I Don’t Move, You Can’t See Me…

Wishful thinking? Can a grasshopper have wishes? I know a grasshopper can be very aware of me, the photographer!


Frozen in Time - Grasshopper - 2010

When I moved to one side to get a better view of him, he would  edge around the twig to the other side where I could not see him as well. I finally had to use one hand to kind of wave at him so that he would edge away from my hand into the view of my camera. I caught him, though!

3 comments on “If I Don’t Move, You Can’t See Me…

  1. Jack Elliott says:

    That’s funny. I wonder what was going on in that tiny little “brain” of his while you were trying to capture the shot. I’ve experienced the same thing trying to photograph a katydid.


    • Kyle says:

      Jack, I know it’s considered anthropomorphism, but I am positive some version of, “Don’t eat me!” must have been going through that mind. I don’t know what form the thoughts took – clearly not English words – but he was obviously trying to avoid me 🙂 ~Kyle


  2. If I Don’t Move, You Can’t See Me…>>>>> yes really true..I once did a shot of a grasshopper clinging in a moringa tree.. and it’s funny because I’m having a hard time taking an aim… thought I’d lost him..but he’s just right there…clinging steadily… blending in perfectly..


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