And a Brilliant New Year!

When the sun started sparkling in the frost, I grabbed my camera and headed for the pond. This was the first time since Buttercup was shot last fall that I felt like taking photographs.

I topped the bank of the pond, and was greeted by this awesome sight!


Open Air Bathing

Can you just feel it?  Cool, crisp air, early morning sunlight warming your whiskers…


Nikon D5100 f/4.8 ISO 400 1/350 sec 55-300@120 mm – Autumn 2012

What better time and place for your morning bath?

Happy First Day of Autumn!

The summer was so dry in Oklahoma that we were worried we wouldn’t have any leaves left by autumn.


Nikon D5100 f/5 ISO 400 1/350 sec 55-300@170mm – Autumn 2012

You can see for yourself, there are still a few leaves, especially on tough trees like these Hackberries. Wait! There is a hackberry tree growing around and above this one, but these leaves are those of the native wild plum.


These two little oak galls seem to be leaning in to each other, as though to share secrets or offer comfort. Yes, anthropomorphism at its finest!


Nikon D5100 f/5.6 ISO 800 1/250sec 195mm – Summer 2012

I was out at sunrise the other morning, watering the little fruit trees. These bright orange-yellow galls caught my eye. Their color is certainly enhanced by the glow of sunrise, and that is part of what caught my eye, but what I like the most is their attitude of leaning in toward each other, and the appearance of being cradled by the leaf.