Just a Fuzzy Muzzle!

Still bedewed with water droplets from his frigid early morning drink, Blaze’s fuzzy little muzzle is silhouetted against the sunrise.

Refreshing! - Winter 2011

This adorable post: http://h2obyjoanna.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/41365-snowy-nose-of-a-shetlander/ – from h2o by Joanna, a fellow photography blogger, is what reminded me of my shot of Blaze.

2 comments on “Just a Fuzzy Muzzle!

  1. Wow Kyle, nice shot and how extremely kind of you to mention my blog here…thank you for that!


    • Kyle says:

      Joanna, I enjoy your blog, and I’m happy to mention it – but I wonder why the URL is not clickable? I meant it to be. But then, posting from iPhone is touchy! ~Kyle


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