Yes, this is the same flower as yesterday’s post. As I moved, my eye caught the flash of the sun flare through the frost crystals, so I took another image.


Just a little shift in camera position caught this sun flare - February 2012

It is also slightly darker, showing the detail a little more clearly in the white frost.

I am always of two minds when I have several photos I like of the same subject; should I show more than one? Or should I choose one and show only the one? What do you think?

3 comments on “Shifty

  1. Show more than one if you feel it.


  2. I hadn’t seen yesterday’s pic, so I had to look back…they are both just beautiful in their own way! I have seen the open, fresh-faced flower, so it resonated with me, but there also is something very magical about how you captured the sun sparkling off the frost.

    You’re very talented!!


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