Well, are we going on?

Buttercup checks back to be sure she doesn't get too far ahead.

Buttercup makes a fine photographer's assistant and sometime model!

This year has not provided many ice and frost photo opportunities yet, but I must say it is pleasant to be able to lie down in the sun, on dry grass, to take a close-up photo – on January first!

2 comments on “Well, are we going on?

  1. Bonnie Chapman-Van Alstine says:

    Nice Kyle!!! I’ve heard about wordpress. I’ve actually been curious about it. Do you have to pay a monthly fee to have this public?


    • kmrives says:

      I don’t really know very much about WordPress yet! Hawken helped me get set up, and there was a fee, I think, but I think it is annual rather than monthly.
      Thanks for checking out my fledging blog :o)


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