Visual Relief

After three days of unrelenting drought posts, I don’t know about you, but I feel parched!


Nikon D5100 f/10 ISO 800 1/250 s 55-300@55mm – Summer 2012

Although the temperatures have abated some, and there are areas nearby which have received considerable amounts of rain, our little Back Forty is still dry. The vegetation is brown and crispy. Insect noises have abated to near silence.

For some relief from the unrelenting dryness of everything, I can walk up to one of our ponds. We have dubbed this, our largest, Blue Heron Pond.

Here is some visual relief for my followers; enjoy a peaceful break from the drought, contemplating these soft ripples and reflections of sunrise in the blessedly wet pond.


Teal ducks? A blue heron? That large buck drinking? Something was here. It left as I climbed the pond bank, leaving only the widening ripples as evidence that it had been here. Soon they smoothed out and the pond was once again smooth as glass, reflecting the changing sky as the sun slowly rose.


Sunrise at the Pond on the Back Forty - Winter 2012