Bridger, as he so often does, told me he saw something I needed to photograph….


Nikon D5100 f/11 1/250s ISO 800 Nikkor 55-300mm – Summer 2012

A gray tree frog. His color blended perfectly with the electric pole he was on, even to the green, speckled areas resembling moss or lichen. He froze and stared at me, hoping I didn’t really see him. He crept downward, easing a leg forward, pausing, then slowly moving his body to catch up. This was great for me, as it put his head in the sun! Finally he decided I was showing too much interest and he was close enough to his intended hiding spot, so he hurried into a crevice where I could not get at him.

Isn’t Bridger great at spotting critters for me to photograph?