Phase changing

Isn’t it fascinating how water can take two such different forms? Amazing, and it keeps the world interesting and beautiful!

Phase Changing

All Crystals & Glitter

Originally the pond was iced over in a smooth sheet, which then was dusted with glittery snow.

All Crystals & Glitter

Bridger and his cousin broke the ice near the edge of the pond, thinking they might fish. The edge re-froze in these wonderfully organic crystalline patterns 🙂

Below the Sparkling Ice…

As I looked at the sparkling, cold, and very solid ice, I speculated that all the frogs, turtles, and snakes must be safely hibernating for the winter.  Then I looked down at the clear ice near the edge of the pond, and look who I saw!


He turned and swam off, but I snapped a shot. I am glad I had the camera set to record in camera RAW, because my other settings were still for bright light, like the last photo! I was fumbling with the settings while taking a couple more steps, and another turtle swam off before I had all my settings adjusted! Were they looking for access to the air? Should I have opened a hole in the ice for them? These were good-sized turtles, maybe 8 or 9 inches from the front of their shells to the backs, so they have already survived several winters with iced-over ponds. Surely they have some way of getting air?

Icy Daggers

Well, miniature daggers – pointy, sharp, and gleaming.

It is so amazing that these crystalline structures form overnight! They transform the world; as the sun rises it strikes sparks from each individual crystal so that the entire outdoors glitters and glows, magically transformed. Then that very sunlight that sparks the transformation melts it all back to common, everyday water.