Pipsqueak Frog

This little pipsqueak of a frog would fit on your thumbnail!


Nikon D5100 f/16 ISO 800 1/350s Nikkor 55-300@300mm – Summer 2012

It saw me and was ready to leap away at any hint that I might try to eat it. By moving very slowly, I was able to focus the camera and get a couple of shots before it either moved or my eye just lost it. They are extremely hard to spot when they hold still!

2 comments on “Pipsqueak Frog

  1. josh meier says:

    Great shot, Kyle! I love how this little guys (or girls) bright green color contrasts with the mud.


    • Kyle says:

      Thank you, Josh. You would think it would be easy to spot with that color scheme, but the rest of it exactly matches the mud – and the mud, viewed from standing height, has greenish patches of algae – which perfectly matches the green of the frog! So it is completely camouflaged when it holds still. I appreciate the comment and I am glad you stopped by šŸ™‚


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