The Flag of the Underbrush

Soft focus, blurred background, woodland colors…


Nikon D5100 f/6.7 ISO 100 1/180s Nikkor 55-300mm lens 185mm – Summer 2012

I love these leaves displayed on their twig like the flag of the underbrush!

Recently we did some mowing and weedeating along the trail to the pond and on the bank of the pond. The idea was to facilitate access to the pond for fishing. While I have to admit that in some respects it is nice to have a clear trail, I also think we went overboard. The trail is too wide, too clear. Many of the areas where I took photos of insects, flowers, and seeds last year are now brown stubble. The underbrush has been cleared back, but now there is no buffer between the woods and the path. The underbrush needs someone to stand up for it, waving a flag, proudly declaring love of the weeds, bugs, and small critters who are the underbrush and its residents! I have nothing against neat, manicured lawns and pathways, but that is not where I want to live and take my photos. I leave those areas to others.

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