Nearly Spent

This magic wand has been shedding little magical sparks. Just three are left. But see the magic glowing all around?


In the Midst of Magic

8 comments on “Nearly Spent

  1. Kyle says:

    My son reminded me that the stems (after a satisfying pop of a beheading) can be used as straws. I don’t particularly like the bitter taste, but he says it adds to the experience 🙂


  2. Wiepkjen says:

    Lovely shot, a bid sad though. The light is beautiful.


    • Kyle says:

      Thank you. I was just running out to feed the horses in the early morning, but the light caught me by the camera strap and dragged me down into the dew for some hurried shots 🙂


  3. What a wonderful and magic photo! I love it, great sunlight too!


  4. What a wonderful photo–love the composition, the light off the seed hairs–very nice.


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